Wednesday, June 19, 2019

6/19 Homeroom 6 THANK YOU!

Dear Rising 7th Grade Families,

Thank you so much for the wonderful class gift, especially to Mrs. Prausa and Madeline who created a memento for me that I will always cherish.  Though I am looking forward to starting my journey in 4th grade next year, I will miss this class very much.  

I hope you all enjoy your summer and I look forward to seeing you in the fall.

Jen Janaskie

PS . I also want to thank Kathy Sautters and Sheila Garilli for their help as room parents this year.  I am enormously grateful for all their help.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

6/16 Placements for Next Year

Your placement for next year's literature class will be noted in the comment section of your report card. 

6/16 Thank you and Have a Great Summer!

Dear Middle School Families,

Thank you so much for your generous end-of-year gift.   I feel very blessed to be part of this wonderful community.  I hope that you all have a great summer!

Jen Janaskie